SOLD :: SEIKO 6138-3000 :: JUMBO :: £595 reduced to £495

Posted on December 20, 2017

Seiko 6138-3000 also known as the Jumbo.

There are two versions of this watch; the 3000 and the 3002. The 3000 here is the slightly rarer, harder to find of the two. To me I much prefer the cut the of case, the fit of crystal on this 3000 over that of its sibling.

This is another great genuine piece of Seiko history, all original and in a perfect running order. It has been serviced and is ready to go.

In fine used vintage condition as you can see, though look to the left side of the case and you will see there are some fairly heavy marks, like it was used for something it really shouldn’t have. Personally, I have worn this watch far more than any of my others in the last year, I don’t notice at all in wearing.





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