About Hickman Watches

Welcome to Hickman Watches, we hope you like the selection of vintage watches we have to offer. We love vintage Seiko chronograph and the classic Seiko divers, you will find these make up most of our selections, we just can’t resist them.

If you are looking for NOS (New Old Stock) vintage watches you are unlikely to find them here, sorry. Sometimes you will, but not often. What gets us going is finding the watches that need help, the ones that don’t work or that have such badly scratched crystals you just can’t see the dial underneath. Bringing 40+ years of history and character back into service for another generation, is well, what makes us tick.

We have a couple of key traditions here:

  • No aftermarket parts or cheap fixes. For us, an aftermarket part is the worst thing you can do to vintage watch, we just don’t understand it.
  • A good restoration is one that you can not tell has happened. We are not trying to make shiny new looking watches, we are trying to roll back the years until we get back to a working, wearable watch to be proud of. If that stretches beyond a service and crystal polish we will let you know.
  • You don’t like what you receive. That’s OK, it happens. It’s too small, the wrong colour for your best suit, whatever the reason. If it is not for you, it might just be perfect for someone else. Send it back and we’ll give that person another chance to find it.
  • You’ve seen something somewhere else, you’re not sure and think we can help. We are always happy to advise on other Seiko purchases, particularly Seiko 6139 or 6138 watches. If you just want to check before taking the plunge, well that’s OK with us.

Our watches are thoroughly checked to make sure everything is in good working condition. This means that they are ready to wear and enjoy. Furthermore our watches are nearly always serviced, with the exceptions being the watches that come in and give excellent results on the timegrapher  – please just ask if it is not clear in the description we have given.

Our prices include:
A 14 day any reason refund
A 3 month warranty on all movements

We do take on service work and repairs, especially for vintage Seiko chronographs, get in touch and we’ll get you an estimate.