SOLD :: CWC :: FATBOY with date aperture

Posted on October 19, 2014

Now sold…a CWC Fatboy with date aperture. This really is a rare little find in the G10 world. Made by the Cabot Watch Company in 1981, there is thought to be only about 600 of these made (this is number 677 and must surely been one of the last ones)

Common understanding is that these ‘date aperture’ versions were offered to the MOD as a first batch. The date aperture should not have been present and was later removed. Though it is interesting to know that the date wheel is present on all g10’s – even though you can’t actually see it!

Please be aware that sometimes dials have had an aperture punched through the dial – but not here, this is all original and exactly as it should be.

I have just stripped and serviced this, it’s in perfect working order.

This is a used watch, from 1981, it’s in great condition but there is the odd mark, all very minor.

Crystal is original, has been gently polished back and is really good, clear and no scratches.

Worldwide shipping included.
6 month warranty
New and correct battery installed

Any questions please ask.

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