Davids Seiko 6139-8020 for restore!

Posted on August 11, 2014

Well this Seiko 6139-8020 came in for a service…..ah, that might be tricky.

Seiko 6139-8020 restore_DSC_2734 Seiko 6139-8020 restore_DSC_2735

This has had a hard life clearly, but it means something to someone, so to restore this is a pleasure.
Absolutely no chance of servicing the movement, so I take another 6139B that I have and we carry on to service and use that.
I’m looking to keep as much of this watch as original as possible. It is never going to shine like new as the dial and hands have really deteriorated from the water exposure.

The lume to the dial and hands was really bringing the watch down, so that was all removed with new lume put back.

Seiko 6139-8020 restore_DSC_2736 Seiko 6139-8020 restore_DSC_2737 Seiko 6139-8020 restore_DSC_2739

My donor movement had the wrong day wheel being French and English, so I replaced that with another of the correct style to the original as can be seen.

The old crystal had taken quite a bit of a battering…
Seiko 6139-8020 restore_DSC_2740

So a fairly easy rub down and polish off….
Seiko 6139-8020 restore_DSC_2741 Seiko 6139-8020 restore_DSC_2742

And let’s get it back together with some new seals!
Seiko 6139-8020 restore_DSC_2746 Seiko 6139-8020 restore_DSC_2747 Seiko 6139-8020 restore_DSC_2748




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