Seiko 6139-6002Seiko 6139-6002Seiko 6139-6002Seiko 6139-6002Seiko 6139-6002

A service update! For Gaz :: 6139-6002

This is part of a trio of watches I have in for service and general sort out. For this Seiko 6139-6002 it was a straight forward service. Sorry its taken so long Gaz!

Seiko 6138-0040Seiko 6138-0040Seiko 6138-0040Seiko 6138-0040Seiko 6138-0040Seiko 6138-0040Seiko 6138-0040Seiko 6138-0040Seiko 6138-0040Seiko 6138-0040Seiko 6138-0040

A service update! For Joshua :: Seiko 6138-0040

This one was a service, relume and hand tidy up. Seiko 6138-0040 aka the Bullhead.
It was in a bit of sad looking state but goes away looking much happier I feel.

I had to repaint and touch up the hands to tidy this up. It was looking quite tired before but is much smarter now and is working perfectly.

InstaGram followers may now I am playing around making leather straps. One of the main reasons was to make my own strap to mimic the bracelet of the Bullhead, which is wider at the top compared to the bottom section of bracelet. This was the first time I tried it. I like the end result but will be making some changes next time.

Seiko 6139-6002Seiko 6139-6002Seiko 6139-6002Seiko 6139-6002Seiko 6139-6002Seiko 6139-6002Seiko 6139-6002Seiko 6139-6002Seiko 6139-6002

A service update! For Martin :: Seiko 6139-6002 service

Being completely snowed under with services and selling my own watches is proving exceedingly tricky to post up feedback to my customers – the initial reason for this site.

Time to do a few updates.

Seiko 6139-6002 serviced and relumed for Martin. This is a nice pogue, straight forward service has this one running along very well. The crown it came to me on was wrong so we swapped that out for a proper one.

The dial and hands were looking very tired, so a fresh reluime all around has this one transformed into a very happy watch.

Since the original bezel was a bit faded I have given this one from my “parts i’m not going to use” drawer. It’s got it’s issue, but really helps brighten this up.


For Matt :: Seiko 6139-6000 overhaul

Thought I’d post up a quick before and after shot since I find the pictures are to hand.

Update with a few more images. Now sorry for the quality here, really struglling to get good clear shots as I’m working. Something to get better at!

Not in the best of shape, badly scratched crystal, in need of a good clean and service to get this working again. Cosmetically let down by the old lume.


Seiko Pogue_DSC_2608

Seiko Pogue_DSC_2613




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Davids Seiko 6139-8020 for restore!

Well this Seiko 6139-8020 came in for a service…..ah, that might be tricky.

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Chris’ Seiko 6138-0011 overhaul

I was sent this from a very nice guy in the states that brought a lovely Seiko 6139-6002 off me from ebay. That had a little issue and came home for a little fix (autowind was not working efficiently). The UFO came along for the ride!
And now looking much nicer for a little bit of attention…


Seiko 6138_relume_1739_medium Seiko 6138_relume_1741_medium Seiko 6138_relume_1740_medium


For me (and luckily Chris agreed!) that case was too shiny, having had most of the original finish polished away at some point in it’s history.
The lume was fairly bad too, with lume spilling out over the minute hand and the dial looking a little tired.
Scratches on the crystal were not so bad and easily lifted out.


6138-0011_during 6138-0011_during



6138-0011_After 6138-0011_After 6138-0011_After 6138-0011_After 6138-0011_After


An update on the progress on chris’ watch.


Stripped down to reveal the reason for the inner rotating bezel not working, a gummed up stem/cog/spring would be the problem here. That is easy to fix…..but unfortunately, the inner ring must also have been sticky and so teeth have been stripped off it when in the zero position. That will be harder to fix, but I have something in mind to try, and now an ideal candidate!

BeforeBeforeBeforeMissing teeth from inner ring


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So the whole point of this blog was to keep you guys better informed in how I was getting on with the watches entrusted to me to sort out….


…not the best of starts, I’ve been too busy. Well hopefully we can now get cracking!

Here are some early shots of the watch as is, not too bad.

Before Before
Fix sticky pushers
Polish acrylic crystal
Clean the case (but no polishing at all since it is gold plated, and no ultrasonic cleaner for this one)
Service movement and fix the minute sub register that is not resetting
Re-lume dial and hands as the dial has sadly lost most of the lume from the markers.


A little more time to spend on this.
Dial and hands re-lumed and hands re-painted.

DSC_1660_hands DSC_1661_hands




Finally finished!DSC_1701_medium


Phil’s Pulsation ::

So Phil won a 6139-6020 ‘Pulsations’ from me off ebay not so long ago, it was a really good example, ‘proof’, 2 part seconds hand and on the silver dial. I think ever since Phil’s been looking for the black dial to match it, and this is what has turned up. Very nice, just needing a little sorting out.

As recieved

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SEIKO :: 6105-8110 :: Dial and Hand Re-lume

As requested by a good and ever trusting friend. It turned out ok 😉